Saturday, December 15, 2001

I have a fan! Actually, that's a gross exaggeration, but I did receive an e-mail this morning from someone who read "We'll Always Have Paris". Aside from the ego pump, which was and is enormous, this note got me thinking about Holly's question about why we write.

I thought about this question a lot before I answered it. My reaction to getting this note this morning was one of feeling validated and satisfied. This is the reason that I write -- the main one, anyway. There is a tremendous satisfaction and gratification in knowing that something that I wrote touched another life. I have disturbed the Universe. Somewhere in the world, someone now carries a tiny piece of me in their heart. I have left a mark, no matter how small, on the walls of the world.

The challenge now is to redouble my efforts, to make a bigger mark, and a bigger one after that, to reach out to other people and show them what I see and what I feel and make them see and feel the same things, so they will understand me better and, through me, others.

Early New Year's Resolution: make more of an effort to provide feedback to other writer. It makes a real difference.


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