Monday, December 10, 2001

Monday, monday. Back to the Real World. Bleah!

Fighting with a "Network Engineer" over how to configure his switch to allow us to run a VPN. Jesus! How do people get these jobs? I had to look up the documentation for him and e-mail them to him so he can manage his own equipment! Heaven help us all.

Had a few slow minutes, so went back and started re-reading some of Holly's articles on writing ( for those of you who don't know ). Always a good source of inspiration when I'm feeling like I'm beating my head on a brick wall. Thanks, Holly!

Back when I started this Blog, I promised to tell the story of my Writer's Block, so here goes:

I've always written. When I was a kid, I used to hide under the covers at night (when I was supposed to be sleeping) with a flashlight and a notebook and write. Went for poetry in big way in high school and college, but finally figured out that I really suck at it, so I went back to short stories.

I never wrote anything that I thought was even remotely publishable until about five years ago, when I got on a vampire kick. I wrote a couple of pretty decent tales and got them online at the Redrum Coffeehouse, now defunct (Hi, Lesa! Miss you!). That was a real ego boost, and I started to get really serious about writing. Unfortunately, I immediately ran into trouble. Everything I wrote was flat and uninspired. The more I struggled, the worse it got. Finally, about three years ago, I pretty much just gave up writing. Missed it, too. That was a really bad time.

About ten months ago, things started to change. I was getting these story ideas, again. Trouble was, they were not horror stories, so I didn't know what to do with them. Tried to force a couple of them, put in monsters, stuff like that, but they wouldn't have it. I finally got one of them to come out. After a lot of birth pains and sweat, it turned into "We'll Always Have Paris". Sent it off to a horror site (it has a ghost in it, after all, and I was still convinced that I was a Horror Writer). Got back a letter almost immediately that said "It's a good story, but it's not horror". After I got over my hurt feelings (I always get my feelings hurt when the rejections come in), I sat down and took a serious look at the story. Turns out, they were right! It's a pretty good ghost story, but it's mainly a love story. Sent if off the The Writer's Hood. After some revisions (much needed, I'm still rawer than I like to admit), it went up in the December edition (in the General Fiction section, if anybody cares).

Anyway, it took me a long time to understand that the writing is the important part. Categories are only conveniences. At the risk of offending the Pagans, I guess you could say "An it hurt no one, write what you will". Just do it.

Glad to be out of that. Words and ideas are flowing again, and hope arises for a real professional publication Real Soon Now!


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