Sunday, December 16, 2001

"Play It Again, Sam" just went down the tubes. Sam is a great character, and I think he'll be back, he just was the wrong one to tell this story. Back to page one with a different perspective. Working title "Here's To You, Kid".

"The Easy Way Out" bounced by Poet's Canvas. That was fast.

Current active WIP :

"Here's To You, Kid" (started this morning, sequel to "We'll Always Have Paris")
"A Time To Every Purpose" (formerly "Bag of Bones")
"Grace For The Sinner"
"Sea Change"
"Sunday Morning" (flash)
"Bare Trees"
"Intimate Strangers"

Need Rewrite
"Rounding the Cape"
"The Eveil That Men Do"

Finished but not currently submitted
"Baby Blues" (flash)
"The Easy Way Out"

"Wolf Moon" (Quantum Muse)
"In The Hands Of An Angry God" (flash) (unhinged)
"Where The Heart Is" (Anotherealm)
"For Better Or For Worse" (flash) (Vestal Review)
"Jericho" (flash) (flashquake)


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