Wednesday, February 20, 2002

The bluejays are back in town, and boy are they pissed! Screeching and carrying on fit to wake the dead. The cardinals just sit and stare at them like they're creatures from outer space. Also in residence are robins and sparrows. I need some binoculars and a good bird book, so I can identify more of them.

First radish sprouts are up in the garden. It seems like a dreary, barren eternity from planting to the first green. Now everything seems fresh and new and springtime again. Praying for rain, now. Lord, we need it bad.

"Jericho" was rejected by flashquake. It always hurts a little bit, even when I get a personal response and feedback. I'll sulk for a little bit and then flog it back out there into the cold, cruel world to seek its fame and fortune -- and mine! :-)

Got a job interview coming up on Monday. It sure would be nice to have a paycheck coming in again. Part of the process is a 20-minute bullshit presentation. Now where did I put the rubber boots and manure fork? Also, if anybody out there has a silver tongue I can borrow ... mine is pretty tarnished. :-o



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