Thursday, February 14, 2002

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope everybody enjoyed the first installment of The Saga. More to come later. I haven't been writing much the past few days. The job hunting has been taking up a lot of my time, as has an overpowering need to dig in the garden. I haven't had a garden in several years (not enough time, rush, rush, rush, etc.) and I had forgotten how relaxing and enjoyable it is to take the spade and turn over some soil, to think about fresh vegetables right from my own garden straight to the pot. Planting is a transcendental experience -- almost holy. To hold life in the palm of your hand and to place it reverently into the soil where it will grow and thrive and be a blessing. That's one of the small joys that make a life more complete.

Planted so far:

Radishes (Cherry Belle, White Icicle, and French Breakfast)
Carrots (Danvers Half-Long)
Beets (Detroit Dark Red -- these are for greens, I despise the roots)
Kohlrabi (Early White Vienna -- If you haven't tried these, you've missed something special)
Sugar Snap Peas (Sugar Star)
Lettuce (Black Seeded Simpson)
Spinach (Bloomsdale Long Standing)
Garlic (had some cloves in the 'frig that were sprouting, what the hell)

We'll see. Last frost date here (central Georgia) is mid-March, so I have time to take it a little easy until tomato planting time gets here (local wisdom says Easter, but I'll probably push that a little).

On the job front, I have applied for a job at the local college library (cataloging -- it's a paycheck). Hoping to hear soon.

Haven't given up on writing, just had a lot of other stuff happening all of a sudden. Back soon.


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