Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Got deep into Chapter 3. The monster has revealed himself and is now taunting his helpless victims. Time to put John into the wringer. 2 more scenes in Chapter 3, then, in the first scene in Chapter 4, he faces his first really big crisis. Does he allow Maggie to sacrifice herself so that he can live to track down and destroy the monster, or does he die with her. The kicker is that he can only survive if he kills Maggie. She's dying anyway, but if he doesn't kill her, he will die too. Maggie wants to make that sacrifice (see why I love her so?), but John will have to compromise his most deeply-held beliefs in order to do it. Furthermore, after seeing what has been done to Maggie so far, the agony of his moral decision is matched only by the depth and fierceness of his rage. Getting intense.


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