Sunday, September 12, 2004

Finally got Frances's mess cleaned up. We were actually very lucky. We lost power and phone for 2 days, lost a couple of window panes, and had a lot of tree limbs to deal with. Off to the west, things are still pretty bad. It looks like a lot of people won't have their power on before Ivan gets here. He keeps bearing a little bit further west every time I look, so maybe we can avoid the worst of this one, too. I don't wish any bad on the peole in Alabama and Mississippi, but Florida really needs a break. Ivan should come through here sometime late Thursday or early Friday, if the current estimates hold.

I am finally getting back to writing. Even after the power came back on, I had some trouble with this old clunker of a computer. My old Adaptec SCSI card has apparently given up the ghost. There goes my CD-RW. Time to go shopping.

Journal of a Story, Part III:
"What Does it Profit a Man?" is at 1300 words. I hope to get at least another 1000 today. It looks like it's going to run somewhere in the 4000-5000 word range. Here's the deal so far:

Frank Wilson is a successful man just entering middle age. He is married to Jessie and they have 2 children, Justin (14) and Taylor (10). Frank teaches at a very exclusive school for boys. He has the inside track for Headmaster of the Primary School. The decision will be made in about a week from when the story opens.

Frank is secretly bisexual. He has always kept his homosexual activities deep in the closet. No one, not even Jessie, even suspects anything. He knows that his career will be destroyed if this gets out. Instant termination and probable legal action by frightened parents, that sort of thing. Frank is currently involved in an affair with Martin. He is getting worried because Martin is getting pretty serious and is trying to convince Frank to come out of the closet.

Leon Braswell, the very rich and powerful benefactor of the school who has enormous pull with the Board of Directors, invites Frank on a fishing trip at his cabin the weekend before the Board will meet to make their final decision about the Headmaster position.

That's all I will give away. Let's just say that things get strange, then very, very ugly and Frank winds up in Deep Doo-Doo City.



At 9:49 AM, Blogger Joel said...

Re: hurricanes.
YIKES! Wishing you the best.

At 4:35 PM, Blogger Carter said...

Ivan keeps edging westward. Looks like he might miss us and take a whack at Alabama instead. Whew!

At 11:11 PM, Blogger Joel said...

Ivan needs to be blown over the ocean. Or, better yet, wherever Al Qaeda is located ;-)


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