Thursday, November 18, 2004

The courage to face the truth

Read through "Bare Trees" and noticed that I have danced around the meat of the story. I'm going to have to put in two more scenes that show the uncomfortable truths that my protagonist has to face. I have been showing them through his reflection on events just past, instead of showing the events themselves. Ain't happening. Looks like the first draft will be closer to 4000 words. That's a little long for my liking. We'll see what the rewrite does to help that.

Still looking for a title. I don't usually have this much trouble with titles. Often, the title comes a part of the package when I get the story idea. Sometimes the story is inspired by the title. Since this story revolves around memories, I thought I would try to ring some changes on Hamlet. "Rosemary for Remebrance" or "That's for Remembrance" or even just "Rosemary". Not too happy with any of those. I need to look into something to do with choices or choosing, too. The protag has to choose between his dead first wife and the woman he now loves and has to learn how to let go and get his life back, instead of living with a ghost (she's not a real ghost, just in his head).

A "real" ghost? As opposed to what? A wraith, a phantom (or phantasm), a specter? Wonder where potergeists fit into this reality. That one's going into the "Ideas" document for further review. Ahhhh, the wonders of weirdness.


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