Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Washed in the Blood - 750 words (Passed 10,000 words. YAYYYY!)
"Done to Undeath" (vampire cliches article for Vision) - 1100 words (first draft)

Today started badly. I forgot my Ambien last night, and the dreams kept waking me up all night. Got up muzzy, headachy, and in a real pissy mood. I really didn't want to write today. But I am determined to get through this part of the book, whether I like it or not.

My mind kept finding reasons not to work, but I finally sneaked around it. Worked on the article first, quick outline, then knocked out the first draft. Then quickly Alt-Tabbed over to Chapter 4 (which I already had open) and started free-writing. Before I knew it, I was deep into the story and knocking out some damn good prose.

Tomorrow is the payoff. Maggie is dying. She is struggling to stay alive until John "wakes up". She knows that she will have to sacrifice her life so he can live to track the monster down and kill him. One more scene in between, setting up John to take the blame for Maggie's murder (and mutilation). The villain (Thomas) speaks to Polly about suspecting that John may be mentally unstable. Tells her about John List. Thomas is posing as a psychologist studying ministers from various denominations (secretly studying "religious psychosis", so he says), so he has an air of authority. Then a quick switch back to the horror chamber for the first climax.

While thinking ahead to the big scene, I came up with a good opening line for a future story: "The last night of her life was far and away the longest." Lots of possibilities there.

Musical Muses for the day:

Belinda Carlisle Live Your Life Be Free - Very 80's pop rock, but one of the sexiest voices on the planet. Good, fast beat to get the energy flowing.

Janis Joplin I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again, Mama! - Blues straight from the bottom of the soul. If you can listen to "Summertime" and not be moved, you ain't human! Really good for writing hurtful scenes. Really gets me into the character.

Maire Brennan Whisper to the Wild Water - Elegant, ethereal, and calming. A good cool-down.


Started reading John Gardner's The Art of Fiction (ISBN 0-679-76403-1) last night. I really appreciate a man who writes about reality rather than following the bleating masses. There's a lot of wisdom packed into this small volume. A couple of examples:

"Fiction seeks out truth...The writer who can't distinguish truth from a peanut-butter sandwich can never write good fiction." (I love that! A new tagline.)

"The true writer's joy in the fictional process is his pleasure in discovering, by means he can trust, what he belives and can affirm for all time. When the last trump plays, he will be listening, criticizing, figuring out the proper psychic distances."

Words to live by.


One final bit of vampire wierdness. No application to WIP, just mental flotsam:

How do vampires (new ones, that is. Fresh ones?) get out of the grave? Those in mausoleums or above-ground tombs would have no problem, but what about someone in a sealed metal casket in a concrete vault under 7 feet of packed earth? That one's a stumper.


At 7:14 AM, Blogger Holly said...

My guess? They don't. They spend eternity awake and starving and going madder and madder while stuck in a box.

Big Number One on my list of Top Ten Reasons I Do Not Want to Be a Vampire.


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