Wednesday, November 17, 2004

When the urge bites, when the words sing, when I'm feeling weird...

1200 words on "Bare Trees". It's now at 2200 and should top out at around 3000 in the first draft. This is a story I've been wanting to tell for a long time. I have had the beginning and ending for around three years, but never could get a handle on the middle until now. I also have to find a new title. "Bare Trees" is only a phrase that recalls the scene that first drew me into this story. I'll visit Bartleby in the near future.

I also finished Zette's Without a Fear of Words this morning. Though most of the essays have been published in Vision, some have not. I think it's 6 bucks well spent. There's a lot of stuff here that I want to keep close at hand.


Muses are funny creatures. I suspect that every writer has their own personal take on them. In On Writing, Stephen King says his Muse is a cigar-smoking man who prods him occassionally. My Muse is a still, small voice that often speaks at 3 a.m., or who tickles the back of my mind from time to time with images that demand to be written down and explained. Sometimes she gives me the story straight out, but mostly, I have to work for it.

I have not yet learned to generate stories at will. Though I can always come up with an idea, it is very hard for me to get excited about most of them. When a story starts feeling like work, instead of fun, I will abandon it. Some eventually find their way into the bit bucket, but most just need time to ferment down in the nether reaches of my subconscious. They bubble back up in the oddest forms, sometimes.

Off to work. Another day, another dollar.

It ain't worth it.


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