Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I have met the enemy, and he is me

The mind is a strange and terrible creature that behaves in ways known only to itself. No matter how hard I concentrate, my mind always gets away from me and sabotages whatever I'm doing well at. I even can watch myself doing these things, but can't seem to change course. It's as if my fear of success is so deeply ingrained that it's a lizard-brain reflex for me to get in my own way.

I have been doing well on the novel, making good progress, watching it all come together. Suddenly I realize that I haven't done anything on it in two weeks. I've gotten so scattered that I'm not sure what I'm doing. Time to step back, reset priorities, and get back to business.

A step in the right direction

I'm finishing up a first draft on "Though Your Sins Be As Scarlet" this evening. I've been using this short story to explore some of the territory that I'm heading into with WITB. It's like a recon patrol out ahead of the main force identifying the mine fields and ambushes that lie ahead. After I get everything in, the first draft will be around 1800 words. That will drop some on revision. I'm thinking 1200 words will get it done. I'm going to put this one up for crit. I'm too invested in it to be able to see it clearly.

I've got a database on my Web site, and I'm not afraid to use it!

Been messing around with MySQL and PHP, floating some ideas on how to leverage those capabilities in a way that can put my particular blend of skills to use. Strange and terrible, indeed. We'll see what falls out.


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