Tuesday, December 07, 2004

A really good day!

It's great when these happen. 2200 words on WITB. A new record! Now at 14995 total. Yeehaw! If I could do this every day, I could finish the first draft sometime in January. That won't be possible, though (pout). Just have to keep moving forward.

In today's work, Polly discovers that her parents have not picked up their mail or newpapers since Saturday (it's Monday now). Both their cars are in their usual spots, but their is no sign of life at the house. After dark, John bursts into her house raving incoherently and covered in dried blood. In the course of their interaction, she cuts her hand, and he attacks her. He catches himself in time and bolts into the woods. After running up the mountain, he stops to indulge in grief and horror and begins to ask the most dangerous question ever asked: Why?

In the next scene, Maggie's body will be discovered by the police in her own bed (that's not where the main event occurred). John is immediately blamed, given the above circumstances.

Reading WTBN has started the wheels turning faster and faster. "Raising the stakes" and "tension on every page" has pushed my plot further toward the disturbing. An outline revision is upcoming. I forsee the disappearance of a 5-year-old girl (Polly's daughter, John's granddaughter) in the near future. That is also laid at John's door. Break out the torches and pitchforks!

An FBI agent with some experience in "strange" deaths shows up shortly thereafter. He and Thomas know each other by reputation and begin their dangerous dance with Polly in the middle. He also causes the usual jurisdictional friction with the local PD. John? He's too busy just trying to stay alive right now.

Ah, my mind is such a deep and Devilish cess-pool of horrors! Sometimes I scare myself.

Haints and apparitions

Saw Holly's pictures of orbs on Silent Bounce. Many people say they're just dust, reflections, lens defects, etc. They may be right about most of them, but that doesn't really explain videos I have seen of orbs flying around a "haunted" area. I'm probably more inclined than most to believe things like this since the night I spent in the house my brother was living in many years ago. It was purported to be haunted. I'm willing to say that ghosts are real after sitting up all night in the living room with my two brother, my sister-in-law, and my nephew listening to the rocking chair by the French doors upstairs (there was nothing on that floor except dust) and the footsteps walking up and down the back stairs (complete with creaks from the risers). I never let darkness catch me in that house again.

Back to my reading. Let's see what new horrors I can bring to life. Heh, heh, heh.


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