Friday, December 03, 2004

Sometimes they come back

Lead news item on the radio this morning: "For the second time this week, a Macon was killed."

That's what she said, I promise!

I think once would be a gracious plenty for me. Once they kill me, I intend to stay dead.


One more for the round file, but with a ray of sunshine. I got a nice, personal rejection note from Glimmer Train on "Carrion Comfort". Onward to the next market. Got to find my notes...

Which brings me to ...

I lost my mind. I lost my virginity. Hell, I sometimes even lose my car keys! So when do I lose my amateur status?

I believe there are 2 main aspects to becoming a "professional writer" -- attitude and income. Obviously, I'm not making an income at it. My total income from writing for this year (which means ever, also) come to around $12.50. Can't hardly live on that! That part will take care of itself as time goes along. The one thing I can help is developing a professional attitude about my work and work habits. This weekend, I am committed to sorting out my priorities, goals, and schedule for the coming year.

Cover me, guys! I'm going in!


At 4:08 AM, Blogger Holly said...

You'll get there. Good luck on the priorities.

At 12:15 PM, Blogger Carter said...

Thanks, Holly! Encouragement is always welcome. :)


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