Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Alarums and Excursions

Be careful what you wish for. Got a crit back on "A Time To Every Purpose" this morning. Ouch! Well, that's what I need. I fall in love with my stories too much and blind myself to their gaping flaws. I need a separate pair of eyes and someone who is willing to be honest, no matter how bad the news is. I have at least disengaged my ego from my stories so rejections and hard critiques don't hurt my feelings the way they used to. Progress!

Critiques have become very valuable to me, both in the giving and in the receiving. Giving critiques forces me to concentrate on the issues that I'm thinking about in my own writing, thus improving my skills. Getting critiques helps me see my work through a different pair of eyes. This helps me to avoid making so many assumptions about what my readers know and how they think.

Currently working on the transcription/rewrite of "Though Your Sins Be As Scarlet". It looks like it will run around 4500 words.

Today's "Well, DUH!!!"

Kids With Special Needs Have Bigger Medical Bills the headline trumpets. How much did it cost us to find this out?


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