Sunday, January 23, 2005

Half full or half empty?

When I read this article (Link from Silent Bounce. Holly got it from Paperback Writer.) I had two thoughts. How can people like this sleep at night? and How can people fall for this? These questions ultimately lead back to the more fundamental question: Are people intrinsically good or evil?

The people who run PublishAmerica make their living preying on people's hopes and dreams. It's unimaginable how many lives they have destroyed. I am deeply saddened by the fact that trust has become a fault rather than a virtue. Jackals are everywhere, just waiting for anyone to show a sign of "weakness" by being trusting. That is just disgusting. The human race does not need this kind of insensitive, uncaring slugs. They live on the sweat of other people's brows, contributing nothing, they raise hopes and shatter dreams. Though I don't believe in an Old Testament God, Cosmic justice would be well served if these people were delivered into the hands of such a being. "Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord. I will repay."

Unfortunately, the victims must also bear a share of responsibility for their situation. /no one should ever put their dreams, their heart's blood, into the hands of anyone that they have not investigated thoroughly. Everyone should realize that trust is just not possible in today's society. Sad, but true. Paranoia is simply good sense these days. With information so easy to come by, the only reason for anyone falling for this scam is greed. Anyone who just wants to see their book published should go to a vanity press. At least with them you know up front that you are subsidizing the publication.

The responsibility for the success or failure of our work rests with us. Part of our job is to find the best place for our work and to put in the hours and sweat necessary to get it there. There is no easy way to publication. Down that road lies wreck and ruin. If we truly believe in our work and give it the attention it needs, then success is attainable.


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