Wednesday, February 02, 2005

After further review...

Submitted "A Time To Every Purpose" to Quantum Muse this morning. Crap! I've run out of fingers! I hate crossing my toes. They cramp.

"The Easy Way Out" gets rocky

Been kicking this story around today and came up with several possible directions for it to go:

Scenario 1:
Move forward with it as it stands. Julie needs some conflict to resolve. She may be a WAP (White American Princess, think Paris Hilton) who has never needed to develop any life skills. Since Mummy and Daddy kicked off, she's been clinging to Tom as her life preserver. With him gone, she's suddenly a single mother of two and has no clue how to cope.

What she wants: someone to take care of her ("Someone to watch over me...").
What stands in her way: Hmm. She's quite attractive and should have no lack of men sniffing around.
Possible resolutions: She would most likely wind up with a real jerk. On the other hand, she may decide to take the Easy Way Out herself by offing the children and herself.

Have to do some more work on this scenario.

Scenario 2:
Tom kills himself because he is profoundly depressed (and deep in denial about it) . He found out about Julie's terminal condition from her best friend Marie and couldn't deal. Julie's been thinking seriously about this, but Tom beat her to it. Now she has to cope with terminal cancer(?), 2 kids, Tom's suicide, and Marie's betrayal of her confidence.

What she wants: For everything to be all right.
What stands in her way: Not gonna happen. She's going to die soon (couple months, real bad pain). Blames herself (and Marie) for Tom's suicide
Possible resolutions: Kills herself (and probably the children, she doesn't want them to suffer). Or manages to forgive herself and Marie and make arrangements for Marie to get the children.

Hmmm. Not happy with this one either, at least not yet.

Scenario 3:
After Tom's suicide, Julie brings his spirit back for a good, old-fashioned butt-kicking. Several possibilities: she digs her old Sorceress kit and grimoire out of the attic and does it herself, she goes to a bruja woman, she gets out the Ouija Board, lots of ways to do that.
What she wants: A final confrontation and a chance to say goodbye.
What stands in her way: It's going to cost her. Big. Necromancy is the most powerful form of magic, and she'll have to trade something of equal value. Possibly a life for a life. Have to try to avoid the "bring 'im back from the dead" bit. Been done too well already ("The Monkey's Paw", Pet Sematary, etc.).
Possible resolutions: Pretty nebulous right now.

I'll just have to keep worrying at it. Maybe my mind will throw something out in my dreams tonight.

From the "How big a dumbass do you think I am?" file

From the BBC: Sunni clerics in Iraq claim the election is invalid. Why? Because so many Sunnis did not vote, so the government does not represent them. Why did they not vote? Because these same Sunni clerics ordered them to boycott the election. What's wrong with this picture? There's something fundamental about Democracy that these guys just don't get.

You can't have it both ways, guys. If you want representation, then GO TO THE GODDAMNED POLLS AND VOTE!

And now for something completely different...

Saw this on Making Light last night. I have to have this book! As an added bonus, the proceeds go to the SFWA Emergency Medical Fund. This one is destined for greatness. It reeks of it.


At 11:26 AM, Blogger Debra Young said...

And a big part of their problem is their pissed off because they're not in power anymore. They're such pathetic dogs in the manger. Talk about being unclear on the concept!


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