Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Catching up

Good progress today. Got "Though Your Sins Be As Scarlet" edited and sent out to the crit group. Crossed fingers. No matter how often I ask for crits, I still get that twittery feeling in my stomach. Also finished a final rewrite/edit/polish on "A Time To Every Purpose". Still researching potential markets.

Market research is more than just looking at Ralan's Webstravaganza or Spicy Green Iguana and picking titles that I like. That's a good way to generate those fetid "Not for us" rejections. I also read stories that they have published recently to try to get a feel for what the editors like. Margaret Fisk has an article in Vision about that aspect of market research. It's worth checking out.

And-- No, I don't tailor my stories to a particular market. Usually, anyway. I generally write the stories I want (need!) to write and then look for the best fit in the marketplace. This is one of those rules that is meant to be broken, of course. If a magazine or anthology is looking for themed stories, I will sometimes to write to the theme. Sometimes, I can even stay reasonably close ito it. More often, the story wanders off and becomes something else entirely. Ah, the eternal mystery of the human psyche!

In other news...

Georgia Power Company reports that as of 3:30pm yesterday, some 11,000 Georgians were still without power. That means they have restored around 225,000 customers to working order in 3 days. Amazing. We don't often give the linemen the credit they deserve. They go out in all kinds of weather and do a remarkably dangerous job just so we can have the convenience of lights and electric heat. Then we bitch at them if we have to do without for a few hours. Thanks guys!!!!!


Next on the agenda is a complete rethink and rewrite of "The Easy Way Out". This story started out as flash, but has grown significantly. Another growth spurt is on the way. The story revolves around a woman whose husband has committed suicide because he had terminal cancer and wanted to spare his family the agony of watching him die. He leaves his wife and two children in good financial condition, but the psychological effect is enormous. Julie, the widow, is contemplating suicide herself, but what about the children? Hmmmmm...what about the children? There are 8 bullets in the gun...

heh, heh, heh.


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