Saturday, February 05, 2005

Curse you, Red Baron!

Lullaby Hearse rejected "Carrion Comfort". I hate form rejections. I understand the need for them, the volume is just too much, but I still hate them.

Now I have to slink back to base through enemy lines, grab a new Sopwith Camel and get ready for the next Dawn Patrol. Hope I don't get sidetracked by some cute Mademoiselle in a lonely cafe. :)

Naked Snake Online and are next up on my list. Toss-up. I'll consider that for a few days, and maybe send the story around for comments before I decide for sure.

TEWO eats a bullet

Holly and Debra, I think you're right. I'm just not ready for this one right now. As you say, ther are plenty more stories. Thanks!

And Holly: here's a big CONGRATULATIONS! on the Book Club sale. Good going!


At 5:59 PM, Blogger Holly said...


And good luck on a story that doesn't make you miserable. Cheers.


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