Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Going it Alone

And so I find myself all alone in the Great Marketing Debate: go high or go low? Fortunately, as a Southerner, I am heir to a great love for hopeless causes and a willingness to fight to the end for issues about which I am clearly in the wrong. Ok, ok, I'll go meet with General Grant. Just get that bastard Sherman out of my back yard, already!

I've been toiling uphill on this one. I forgot the overriding principle: Shit rolls downhill. The best thing to do is start at the top and let things settle to their own level.

With that thought in mind, I went ahead and submitted "In the Hands of an Angry God" to Lenox Avenue this afternoon. They want quirky and weird, they say. Well, in the immortal words of The Joker: "Wait'll they get a load of me!"

Research continues

I need to be able to bring this world to life to anchor the characters. The Vikings were violent and adventuresome people, but they lived with a very deep idea of justice and honor. In order to get what he wants (his wife back), the protagonist is going to have to violate that code in some serious ways. The magic he is going to have to employ is dangerous and unstable and he will pay an extreme price for both the obtaining of it and the use of it. For his sake, I sure hope Freya's listening.

Something to ponder

The question has arisen: "Will the Pope resign?" I ask instead: "Can the Pope resign?" Can he really abandon his Divinely appointed post at will? Even under extreme circumstances? A tough question.


At 10:37 AM, Blogger Demented M said...

Hello! I submitted a vampire story to Vintage Moon and got the nicest rejection (you can see it on my blog if you are curious).

Good luck with your piece, it sounds very interesting.



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