Monday, February 14, 2005

Gray, drizzly day

And Monday to boot. Ack. Been dragging all day. Headachy, too. Then my wife called from work to say "Come get me". She had a reaction to something. Turned bright red, hot, boils all over, and itching like mad. No trouble breathing, though, which is a relief. Anaphylaxis is not good. Antihistamine, prednisone and something I never heard of for the itching is setting her back straight. Scary.

Time to get dirty

Looks like I'll have some time to devote to gardening this year. Now that I'm down to one "real" job, and that one's evening shift, I can put the daylight hours to good use. Yesterday, I got some perennial herbs set out and planted a dogwood tree in memory of my nephew who died on December 26, 2003 (Muscular Dystrophy and pneumonia). Got some broccoli and bok choi waiting in the wings. Spring platning is always a gamble down here. It gets so hot so quick that things either bolt or die. Still, hope springs eternal...

Update on "Real Monsters"

Signed the contract (e-signed it, actually) and sent it in this morning. This afternoon, the money was in my Paypal account (Thanks, Dru!). Gotta love the Electronic Age. Should be able to proof the galleys (online, of course) in the next week or so. Maybe it'll be up by March. I'm still walking tall. Nothing like a whiff of success to stir up the confidence.

Speaking of confidence, I think I'm going to shoot for the Moon with "Though Your Sins Be As Scarlet". Cemetary Dance. The only problem is that TYSBAS is at 5550 words right now, and their upper limit is 5000. Got to trim 11%. According to Stephen King, that's a good goal to shoot for in revision, anyway. This will help me focus on writing tighter.

Happy Valentine's Day to everybody!


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