Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Hip, hip hooray!!!

Noon blood sugar was 122! It's been a long time since I saw the underside of 150. It may not last (probably won't), but on this day, on February 16, 2005, I win!

I don't celebrate enough. A lot of that is an effect of PTSD. I just can't let go and enjoy the moment. SoI'm starting to look around to find those small things that I usually ignore. I'm willing to bet that every day has a least one thing I can celebrate, or at least take a small moment of satisfaction from it. Hell, some days, just getting out of bed is cause for rejoicing. :)

Looking at some new software

Ran across Prose last night. It looks interesting. I downloaded and installed it for evaluation. If it works as promised, it may be better than Word. It has built-in chracter analysis, scene development, outlining, and other stuff. We'll see.

I also took a quick look at PDF reDirect. This is just cool. It claims to be able to turn damn near anything in a Windows app into a PDF. I'm considering this one, too. It sure can be a pain making PDFs the way I've been doing it (print to file using a PS printer driver, then use GSView to print that file to PDF). If it really work well, this could be a really useful tool.

Gardening season commences

Got one bed turned over and ready for planting. I'll be able to set out my broccoli and bok choi tomorrow morning. Considering trying some leaf lettuce. My experience with lettuce has not been good in the past. Our springs are usually too hot, and it just bolts to seed.]

I'll get the other two beds ready before Easter. Our official average Last Frost date is March 20, but the old-timers say never plant before Good Friday. Since that's March 25 this year, it works out pretty well. Current plans include tomatoes (of course, are you crazy?), peppers (bell and jalapeno), squash, and cucumbers. Pole beans are a possibility if I get motivates to build a frame for them to climb.

I'm a firm believer in the deep bed method of gardening. That involves digging down two shovel-blades deep and never walking on the cultivated surface. My beds are 3 feet wide and 25 feet long, which gives me more than enough growing space, since I can plant more intensively. It's a ton of work the first year, but after that, I only have to turn over the top layer of soil. It's still so soft that I can stand off to the side and turn it over using a spade without having to step on the blade to drive it in. Hard work now pays off later, isn't that how it's supposed to go?

Oh, and writing...

Finished one crit for one of my crit buddies, one more to go. I hope to get it out Saturday. Brought "Wolf Moon" to work with me in hard copy. I can work on rewriting in the slow times. In this part of the quarter, every time is a slow time. :) Mid-term was last Friday, and the quarter ends on March 18, so everybody's coasting right now. From March 14 on, it will be quite different.


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