Thursday, February 17, 2005

"No" is such an ugly word

Lenox Avenue rejected "In the Hands of an Angry God" with a note saying that the situation and characters are too familiar. While I do appreciate their comments, and I know they are offered in the spirit of offering suggestions for improvement, this has really gotten my back up. Form rejections are just discouraging, but this kind make me say "Oh yeah? You just wait!". That one goes back into the pile for review azs time allows.

A lot of people recommend taking rejected piecesand sending them back out the same day. That's not how I work. I want to understand, or try to, what brought this one back to me, so I can fix it before I submit it again. Plus, there are always those little things that can be tightened up or polished just a little more.

The score is now 26 - 8. In baseball terms, that's a .308 batting average. Not bad.

Today's celebration

Got my broccoli and bok choi set out. 9 of each. Also got started planning the next step in the on-going landscaping project. Good soil freshly turned feels and smells really good to me. Even though I adore really bad puns, I will resist the temptation to say that it grounds me. There is a such an enormous potential in soil, so much it can help us do to actually improve our lives and our planet. When we move into the heat, drought, and bugs of summer, these moments will seem like a dream, but, for now, they are real highlights in my day.

Reading, 'riting, and rejection

The 3 R's of the writing life. The third one I have already covered.

Just started a book about Zen. History and theory. I hope one day I will be able to relax enough to meditate, or find some other way to practice. Natalie Goldberg uses her writing as her practice, and that may become a possibility. Or maybe gardening, since I can sometimes lose myself in that for a while.

Also re-reading The Best of Cemetary Dance: Vol. 2. Damn, I can write better stories than that! And do! The first time I read it, a couple of years back, I was intimidated by the big names. This time, I can see the craft behind the work. It is sometimes a real disappointment.

Got the 2nd scene of "Wolf Moon" rewritten. Next scene, our hero (he's between names at the moment) leaves on a year-long expedition to the continent to gather enough silver that he can marry Astrid and buy a farm. Mayhem ensues, as one would expect in a story about a Viking. I'll be working on that tonight and tomorrow night. It should be fun. I get way too much pleasure from writing about fire and blood. Heh, heh, heh.

The 4th scene will be a tough one. He will return home to find that Astrid has disappeared under certain circumstances which shall remain untold here, since that would give away the whole story. In his grief and madness, he strikes out and kills his own father. The Althing recognizes the mitigating circumstances and exile him instead of killing him. Then things get dark and ugly. More killing, some magic, some more magic, then the climax. The end.


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