Saturday, February 19, 2005

Spam for lunch

I stole this idea from Spam Poetry. Here's my entry into the field:

You need to furnish the delight of having the finest
Life in full color. Inkjet printers.

Want a Tablet PC?
Chat to Delmy at free dating service

Look at the results! I am HAPPY
Women just can’t resist.
Oversize bath towels just 4.99

We’re giving away a Communication Device
Better than Vagra

Something she can’t refuse
Light up her life
Premium cigars with a leather traveler
Get creative and keep your dog happy.

You need to furnish the delectation of having the best
Valuable pharmacy muzak

Would you like a Cellular Phone?
cialis is a bit more expensive but lasts 9 times longer

THE END (for now)


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