Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Started work on rewriting "Wolf Moon" this morning and got one scene completely done with ideas for another couple of scenes that may need to be inserted. I've been really scared to mess with this story for a long time. Not because of content, but because of the language. This story contains some (I think, anyway) beautiful language and compelling images. Early on, I ruined several stories by over-editing and such-like shenanigans. That left me a little leery of the whole revision process. I'm gaining in confidence as I go, now, and I think I can handle this job. I need to get moving on this. Time's a-wastin'!

Market Madness

Thanks for the "rule of thumb", Holly. Unfortunately, my situation is somewhat different. I am submitting to the semi-pro market and selling absolutely nothing! I don't like to consider what that says! One thing I can say with confidence is that no one ever told me this would be easy.

Got to go do some more research on Vikings now, particularly Berserks.


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