Monday, February 21, 2005

These Dreams

These dreams go on when I close my eyes
Every second of the night I live another life

The weekend was filled with dreams. Though I have bad dreams every night (and have for several years), these were much worse than usual. Lots of frantic searching, screaming anger, and unbearable frustration. They don't need interpretation; their meanings are quite clear to me. The real problem is that I am often afraid to go to sleep, and that fear colors the dreams even more. Ourobouros devouring its own tail. I need to sleep. I'm groggy and headachy and generally feel like shit today. Here's hoping for a better tonight.

Feeling good about this, though

Proofread the online galleys of "Real Monsters" earlier. I hope it will be online by March 1.

Also did the final editing pass on "Though Your Sins Be As Scarlet" and started the final polishing. I need to lop off 440 words to get it down to 5000, which is Cemetary Dance's upper limit. Neil Gaiman could probably get away with going over, but I don't think I need to push the envelope on this one. 15 words per page. I can do this.

Georgia moves in mysterious ways

Today is the official observance of President's Day in the US. So why am I, a State employee, at work tonight? Georgia moves in mysterious ways, its holidays to schedule. We will get a day off for Washington's Birthday (Lincoln being a dirty word in this part of the country). We will observe this holiday on December 27. We also observe General Robert E. Lee's birthday (January 19) on the day after Thanksgiving. On the other hand, we will get Confederate Memorial Day as observed on April 25.

Reconstructed, my ass! Damn Yankees ain't gonna get away with pushing their silly holidays on us! They act like they think they won the War, for Christ's sake.

Hope those of you who got one enjoy your day off.


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