Tuesday, February 15, 2005

This hit the spot

Just ran across this article--On Faith and the Difficulty of Writing. I'm going to keep this one handy for those gray days.

"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

Writing is an act of faith. The written words are the substance of the writer's hopes and the evidence of the things the writer sees but others don't. It takes a lot of faith to put words on paper, mostly faith in yourself. That is what makes writing such hard work. To believe in your ability to tell your stories in a way that will engage the reader is a real leap of faith. Who knows how other people think? Everyone is just as strange as I am, in their own ways. What makes me think I have anything to say to them?

Faith in my vision and faith in my ability are the touchstones of my writing passion. Without these, I might as well just stop. I have days when my faith wavers, when I wonder why I do this, why I torture myself and pour my heart and soul out on the page. Will anyone ever appreciate this? Does anybody even care? Those are bad days. But those days pass. As the Preacher says in Ecclesiastes: "Nothing is new under the sun." All things pass in their own times.

I try to keep my mind fixed on the good days. On good days, the words are golden. On good days, the magic works. One good day pays for a hundred bad ones, and my faith is renewed once again. I live for the good days, few though they may be. When they happen, life is worth the struggle.


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