Sunday, March 27, 2005

Attack of the Infernal Editor

My internal editor has been very active this weekend, throwing up all kinds of barriers. He even brought up incidents that happened when I worked at the prison, which I left nearly a year ago. Fortunately, I'm on to his tricks now and on guard for distractions. In spite of all his best efforts, I got another 300 words on "Wolf Moon". Finished Scenes 2 and 3 and started Scene 4. Scene 3 is very short and may not survive the recision. Out of 7 projected scenes, I have finished 4 (the ending is already written) and started on another. The Finish Line is in sight!

In Other News

Cemetery Dance rejected TYSBAS without comment. Score: 27-8, Avg.: .296

Rejections still bother me. I hope they always do. Even though a rejection may not mean a story is flawed in some serious way, it does mean that this story did not knock this editor's socks off. That means I still have room for improvement. Rejection = incentive to work harder and learn more.

Now I have to find my marketing notes and see who's next on the list.


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