Monday, March 07, 2005


I'm so used to working in Word that I hit Ctrl-S periodically out of sheer habit. It seems that Blogger has adopted this hot key as the "Publish" key. I had never noticed that. Duh!


Perseverance is the key point in both these books, the perseverance to finish and the perseverance to keep improving. Resting on your laurels is a good way back to the day job, should I ever be so lucky as to escape. I read the first part of WTBN as an allegory. "This is what happens to writers who get cocky."

The Price of Beauty

Spent the weekend digging up a space to put a glider and a wildflower garden. I'm attempting to create a "Serenity Space" outdoors. For a quick musculo-skeletal anatomy lesson, indulge in a little strenuous labor after a long lay-off. Ouch. It'll probably get worse, too. I have to level the area (which may involve some small terracing), install a 5" plastic border, dig out 3" deep inside that, lay down a weed barrier, fill the hole with rock (6 cubic feet of Red Lava), place the pavers (12" square sandstone), set up the glider, and sow the wildflower seeds. I may not be moving well by the end of the week.

Can't get it out of my head

There were times when our bodies glistened.
There were times that we can't stop missing.
There were times that we'd lay in bed and listen
to the pounding, pounding chorus of our desperate hearts.
Nothing could have torn us apart.
There were times we had it all.
There were times we had it all.

Jim Steinman--"Loving You's a Dirty Job But Somebody's Got To Do It"
from Bonnie Tyler Super Hits

This time, I'm going to publish intentionally!


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