Monday, March 07, 2005

The Heart of the Matter

Thomas met Maggie when she was 16. He was "passing through" and happened upon her out walking after dark. He was going to feed on her, but fell in love instead. He was courting her in preparation for "turning" her so they could be together when John came to town to preach a tent meeting. John was 22 at the time and already had quite a reputation as a preacher. As one may imagine, Thomas was flabergasted when Maggie walked down the aisle at the end of the meeting. Even worse, John and Maggie drove to Bristol the same night and were married the next morning by a JP. Thomas was pissed, but tried to make light of it. He thought he had gotten over it until he crossed paths with John again, some 25 years later. At that point, he discovered that he was carrying a deep and abiding hatred for John and Maggie and decided to take his revenge.

In Yoda's words: "Now things are worse."


I always thought Jezebel got a bum rap. She was a priestess of Astarte doing her duty by trying to convert the Israelites. She sure didn't deserve to be thrown out a window and eaten by dogs. Gah.

Have you ever noticed how gory and violent the Bible really is? Maybe we ought to rethink letting children near this thing. TV shows sure as Hell wouldn't get away with this kind of crap, or movies either. Does telling these stories in church somehow make them less horrible?


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