Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Planting Season

Finally got the garden spaded up. Over the past weekend, I set out 6 tomato plants, 7 row-feet of pole beans, 3 squash plants, and 5 bush cucumber plants. Next up are peppers (current plans are 1 cayenne, 3 jalapeno, and 4 bell), bush lima beans (about 25 row-feet), okra (about 20 row-feet), and possibly corn (20 row-feet). I'm looking for a small corn plant that I can space closer together to get more yield per square foot.

Gardening is my "chop wood, carry water" practice. It's mainly physical activity, and I can let my mind wander to some extent and have long conversations with myself. I get the benefit of mental and physical exercise and really fresh vegetables and flowers as a bonus. It really helps when I'm having a series of bad days.


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