Saturday, March 05, 2005

Wicked Women

Thanks, Debra! It was the other Judith, the one in the Apocrypha. I've loved that story for a long time. Isn't that what always happens when a guy keeps his brain in his pants? :)

I'm still kind of leaning towards Deborah. She was a bad-ass, too. She was Israel's only woman Judge and kicked the Canaanites' butts at Kishon and sent Sisera running for Mommy. Unfortunately, he stopped in at Heber's house, and Heber's wife Jael nailed his head to the ground while he was asleep. Them Israelite women didn't play.

The plot thickens

Maggie and Thomas have met before, though she may not realize it. Their previous relationship is intimately tied up with the reason for Thomas's enduring and consuming hatred for John. There may even be some fogginess surrounding Polly/Deborah's parentage. Although Thomas could not be her father, there may be other people involved. This could get good.

Why can't Thomas be Polly/Deborah's father? As an undead creature, his sperm is not viable. The ultimate in safe sex, since he also cannot contract or carry human diseases.

Food for thought: some strange things happen back in the deep coves and hollers. Some of the people way back in the woods have been inbreeding for generations, and some of them are more than a little bit crazy. Remember Deliverance? Magic lives back there, too. Witches, ghosts, and strange powers abound in the heart of the primeval forests.


At 11:22 AM, Blogger Debra Young said...

Oh! Wrong Judith. Well okay then! A biblical woman that's always fascinated me is Jezebel. I first read about her when I was 12 or 13 and I have not forgotten. My great-aunt's Bible was illustrated and the drawing of her being thrown out of that window has stayed with me for decades. I think Jezebel and I need to get better acquainted.


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