Saturday, April 02, 2005

Brain Jetsam

Lots of random thoughts to dump. I figured I'd go ahead and piss some people off early in the day and get it over with. :-)

* She's dead. It's over. You can go back to acting like adults now. For people who claim to have loved her, you sure are showing some massive disrespect for her now. I went through this with my wife's family after my mother-in-law died a few months back. I get very angry when someone uses a loved one's death to further their personal agenda and get attention. For Terry's sake, climb down off your crosses and grow up!

* Birds are singing, Sun is shining, the smell of Spring is in the air. No, wait. That's pine pollen and mold. Ah-choo! Sniffle. In Central Georgia, it's the time of year when the world turns yellow and my eyes turn red. Hell, who needs to be depressed when just breathing makes me cry?

* The sleeping pills are finally working. I slept throught the night last night with only a brief bladder interruption--the price of having a 48-year-old prostate. The dreams are still bad, but at least I am sleeping in between instead of lying awake. That helps my attitude a lot.

* Got all the seed I need to finish my summer garden. Now is the time to start planning for fall. Preliminary thoughts are: more broccoli (love it!), Sugar Snap peas (love them, too!), collards, turnips, bok choi again, probably some kohlrabi, cauliflower (?). This afternoon will be corn-planting time.


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