Thursday, April 21, 2005

Danger! Snippet Ahead!

I realized this morning that it's been a long time since I posted any fiction samples here. I thought: "What's the use writing bad fiction if you can't torture people with it every now and then?" Anyway, this is the first part of the first draft of a story that came bubbling up from somewhere this morning. Sometimes I scare myself...

I write horror and other dark fiction. The following snippet contains violence, blood, and some graphic descriptions. If you are squeamish, do not read any further. PG-13, discretion is advised.

What Dreams May Come

Even as I sit here, I can still feel her spooned up against me, all warm and soft and round, her skin as smooth as the finest silk. Her soft sleep-breathing does not disturb the dark, dead early-morning hours that are now not quite so lonely.

I didn't want to get up, leave that nest. The safety and comfort of her arms calls to me, but I'm afraid. I'm afraid of the dark, the dreams. The dreams are bad, real bad, and they're getting worse.

Most nights I can fight through them, get at least a little sleep, but tonight was different. She was there. Leah. My new love, the body that warms and excites me, the laugh that slices through me with a thrill of ecstasy, the touch that tells me everything is better now.

She was in the dream, green eyes sparkling, brown hair wavy around bare shoulders. She was laughing. Even as the knife slid in, even as the blood fountained, she was laughing. How could she laugh? It hurt; it hurt like Hell. It hurt like the end of a miserable, useless life. And she laughed. That made the hurt double, triple, worse to the nth power.

Her teeth were even and white, glistening Chiclets surrounded by lush, red lips. Her tongue played peek-a-boo, darting in and out, wiggling and licking, taunting me as my guts slid slick over my hands. The laugh that had always sent my mind into spasms of love, now became a breathless cackle. Even as I sank to my knees, she slashed again, severing the slimy coils of my innermost secrets.

I screamed. Oh, God, I screamed. The rage came over me, a clashing clatter, a shattering cacophony of demon voices taunting, laughing, mocking me. I have never liked being laughed at. Madness overcame pain, and I rose to my feet. Leah stared, silent now, with open mouth as a lurched against her.

Our bodies were warm together, sliding, lubricated with my blood. We fit together like puzzle pieces. We always have. My hands fit so perfectly around her throat, as if they were made for just this moment, as if they were fulfilling their destiny as they choked the life from my love, my Leah.

When I woke, I was sweating, dry-mouthed, anticipating the pain that never came. My hands clutched a corner of the sheet, choking and shaking with a violence I have seldom known. When I was able to relax my grip, I got out of bed.

So here I sit, Gentleman Jack my faithful companion as I watch a silver sliver of moonlight creep across the living room floor. That square bottle has seen me through a lot of ups and downs over the years. He hasn't let me down yet. Two hours until dawn. A long, long time. If I can just stay awake...

I don't want her to leave. I don't want to make her leave, but, if she stays...

Dreams are bad. Sleep is bad. Must stay awake. When I dream, I sleepwalk...mmmmmrrrmrmrmrmrmmm...zzzzzzzz.


At 8:19 AM, Blogger Demented M said...

Some very powerfully written paragraphs in this piece. Great imagery.

I think you have a typo ' a lurched' should be 'I lurched'?

The end seemed a bit too fast and the tone seemed different--or is this snippet not a complete scene?


At 1:09 PM, Blogger Michelle Miles said...

That was creepy. But well written. The only thing that messed up the flow for me was the description of her teeth. Otherwise, well done. Sorry it took me so long to comment. :)


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