Thursday, April 14, 2005

Duck and Cover

My instincts tell me that calling attention to myself is dangerous. My intellect says that's bullshit. Constant warfare, especially when it comes to submissions.

I e-mailed my query on "Metaphorically Speaking" to The Writer Magazine this morning. My instincts are screaming. I had a big fight with myself yesterday over this. Lots of reasons not to send it. I finally called and got the name of the correct editor to send it to. It's not in the guidelines. You do read the guidelines, don't you? :)

Anyway, I snuck up on myself this morning. Sent the query before I had even finished my first cup of coffee. Translation: Eyes open, body moving (sort of), brain still asleep.

Submitting always leaves me very conflicted. I'm confident I've done the best I'm capable of doing right now, I'm optimistic about my chances for success, and I'm scard to death. What if they laugh at me? What if they post my query on a blog? EEEKK!!!

That one's over. I have a couple more ideas for articles centering around research resources and methods that I want to develop for sale ("write what you know"), but I really need to get back to my fiction. I want to finish "Wolf Moon", I want to finish (and rename) "Bare Trees", and I want to get back to work on Washed in the Blood.

I've been using yard work as an excuse not to write lately. Now that the weather's getting warmer, that avenue is becoming less attractive.


At 5:26 PM, Anonymous Kristina said...

Ahh... procrastination... a writer's best friend. Good luck gettng back into your fiction. I've been saying the same thing about moving away from short fiction and getting back to novel writing. Short fiction is instant gratification, but my heart is in the novels.


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