Monday, April 25, 2005

Dumpster Diving as an Humanitarian Event

Saturday, April 23, 2005. Took the trash to the dump. Came home with a dog. What?

Someone had abandoned a half-grown puppy. We asked the attendant, and he said the puppy had been there for a couple of weeks. He'd been feeding her, but if we wanted her... If? Are you kidding? We're the ones with the neon sign in the yard that only stray dogs can see: "Here be Suckers".

So now we have a new addition to our formerly small, but growing family. She's about 6 months old, brindle with white toes and a white blaze on her nose and forehead. She appears to have pit bull in her family tree -- bluntish nose, snorts a lot, squarish head -- but is certainly nowhere near full-blooded. If it weren't for mongrels, we wouldn't have dogs at all.

No name yet, though she answers to "Puppy". We've tried Posey and Deenie (Gardenia), but none of us are happy with them. She'll tell us her name in due time. In the meantime, she fits right in. The 2 existing dogs and the cat have informed her of her place in the pecking order (she's the new peckee). She also likes belly rubs and sit in my lap and snuggle. I always wonder how someone could just throw away a puppy this sweet. I'd like to meet them one night...

Have to get her to the vet this week for shots and other stuff. Ain't gonna be no puppies around this house!


At 3:09 PM, Blogger Tara said...

See, I think she has a name and she'll tell ya what it is eventually, too. Just don't do what my mom did and name it after your favorite literary character. Mom's puppy: Rhett "poochie" Butler. *sigh*


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