Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Random Acts of Stupidity

Why do school buses have those little strobe lights on top? If there's somebody on the road that can't see something that big and that yellow with that many bright, flashing lights all over it, will a dinky strobe really make any difference?

Why do people insist on wasting maoney on high-performance exhaust systems for 4-cylinder rice-burners? FYI, guys, it doesn't sound "bad", it sounds like a 4-cylinder rice-burner, only annoying. I take that back, it actually sounds like a sewing machine with a chest cold. It's also dangerous. It's hard as Hell to keep my car under control when I'm laughing that hard. You want a car that sounds "bad"? Find you an early-seventies Pontiac Gran Prix with the 454 V-8 and 4-barrel carburetor. Put some Glasspacks on that bugger and make some real noise.

Cardinal Bernard Law said Mass for Pope John Paul II at Saint Peter's Basilica yesterday. Yes, the same Bernard Law who resigned as Archbishop of the Boston diocese when he got caught hiding and protecting predatory pedophile priests. American Catholics were not amused. What were they thinking in the Vatican?

Enough. My head hurts.


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