Thursday, May 05, 2005

Thinking and Stuff

Spent most of the last two days updating the Vision index and correcting typos, bad links, etc. Got Issue 27 articles entered, but no subjects for them yet. Still have a ways to go on the Subect Index, but it's moving forward.

While I've been drudging along on that project, I've been doing some thinking. Getting article ideas, expanding on the ones I already have in queue, etc. I need to get my libraryresources article into shape and submit it to Byline. I'm also investigating Web-based text analysis applications for review potential.

I've also spent some time thinking about Washed in the Blood and "What Dreams May Come". For WITB, I'm thinking about doing some pruning. I think I can cut about half of the first two chapters and combine them into one. That will get rid of a lot of unnecessary clutter and gt the action moving, while allowing me to salvage some of my favorite parts. I can lose a couple of thousand words and tighten things up considerably. I'll probably work on that this weekend. After I cut, I'll read through what I have so far and see if I can move forward some. I think I need to quit stressing about "getting it right" and just get it. I've come too far on this and love the story too much top just let it mold.

WDMC is also nagging at me a little. I'm at a crossroads, and I need to decide which way I'm going to go. That means figuring out whether the threat is coming from outside or from inside. Is there some malevolent force subjecting Dave to this torture? If so, why? On the other hand, he might be going psychotic.

In prctical terms, the next scene is pretty predictable. Dave tries to run Leah off, but she refuses to go. She loves him as much as he loves her, and she won't leave without an explanation, which he can't give, because he doesn't know what's going on himself. He'll have to tell about Gloria, which only makes her more determined to stay and help him through this crisis.

Whether Dave tries to explain or not, Leah is concerned for his stability. He's acting irrational, and she's afraid he's going to get violent. She will need somebody on stand-by in case things get out of hand. Who? Friend, relative, or doctor? Hm. For Dave's part, he is increasingly frantic and frazzled. He manages to stay up all night the next night, but he's fast getting too tired to function. He has to sleep, but when he does, he'll dream.

Off to fiddle with article outlines while this simmers a little bit more.


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