Monday, May 16, 2005

Top 10 Latest Search Hits

Here are the last 10 interesting queries that found Noise in the Attic:

You have to supply your own drum roll.

10. i hear voices in my attic using AOLSearch. I do too; that's why I opened this blog. NitA came in at #3 on the results list.

9. sri rajneesh + photo from Google. #15.

8. Last Girl dancing on Google Denmark. #2 (Just behind Holly).

7. What dreams may come the book on Google. #7.

6. "his abs ached" from Google Liechtenstein. #1! Actually the ONLY ONE! Liechtenstein?

5. vagina appearance on Google. #9. Top 10 on vaginas, huh? They must think I'm some kind of expert.

4. are vampires alive or dead on Google UK. #1 again! Ok, I AM an expert on this.

3. emotional scars of handguns on Yahoo!. #4.

2. noises in attic on Yahoo!. #4. I get this one and similar all the time.

1. don't go into the attic "cover art" on Google UK. #7.

A never-ending source of amusement mixed with nervousness. At least no dangers of nair or naked teenage girls this time. I didn't mention the one that came up last week. It had to do with vomit things. Gross. I guess I can truly claim an eclectic audience.


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