Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Sent off queries on two flash stories that I submitted long ago. I submitted "For Better or For Worse" to Pif Magazine back in August, 2004, and "Where the Heart Is" went to C/OASIS in November.

This is yet another "Shit Happens" aspect of the writer's life that helps weed out the uncommitted. Hey, if you can't be committed, you can't be part of this club. Pun definitely intended. You don't have to be crazy to work here...Well, yes, you do.

You spend hours hallucinating onto a piece of paper or a computer monitor, polish your monument to coherence until it glows in the dark, package it tastefully, and entrust it with all your hope and faith to the mail, whether snail or e. And then what?

Silence. Dead, deep, dark silence. The silence of the lambs. The silence of the grave. Did they lose it? "They" who? Are they passing it around the office, posting it on bulletin boards for everyone's jocular enjoyment? Damn! You mean it's only been 2 weeks? You've got to be shitting me. It's been at least 6 months. No? Damn! I'll never make it. I can't concentrate, can't sleep, can hardly breathe. My baby's in the hands of the Phillistines! What vile tortures are they inflicting on him/her/it?

Ahhhh. The writer's life. Can't live with it, can't live without it.


At 12:26 PM, Blogger Tara said...

Hi Carter. I sent something off last night I'm very excited about. Via fax, per their instructions. About three hours later, I'm like "Why haven't I heard? Oh, yeah. It's only been THREE HOURS." hee
Crazy life, but I love it! :-)

At 1:36 PM, Blogger Demented M said...

Good luck ladies!

Nice post Carter--very well said.


At 5:22 PM, Blogger Michelle Miles said...

I'm one of those spastic people that when I submit something via email, I hit the send/receive button about 50 times wondering why I hadn't heard yet.

Good luck on your submissions!


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