Thursday, July 07, 2005

Best Teacher

Finished the first draft of "Best Teacher". 4994 words. That's really good, because I have it tentatively aimed at the Bitten Vampire Short Fiction Contest, which has a 5000 word limit. I'll probably cut 100-200 words on edit, so it will work out just right.

The ending was a little unexpected. I did not see the violence coming until it happened. The flow and logic of the story pretty much demanded that it end that way, though, so I'm happy with it. This is a story that started out kind of light, a little dark humor, but then turned dark and deadly on me. That happens a lot. Oh well, better to kill fictional characters than the alternative, huh?

A spooky thing about this story. I compose with the line spacing set on 1 so I can see more of the words on the screen at one time. Saves scrolling and double-spacing before submitting is only a couple of mouse clicks. Single-spaced, "Best Teacher" was exactly 13 pages. Heh heh heh.

Now to delve into the archives and see what else is in there that's crying out for attention.


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