Thursday, July 07, 2005

Cowardice of the Most Extreme Kind

Terrorists are the most cowardly, shameful kind of people. They like to kill innocent people by remote control rather than confronting their perceived enemies face-to-face. They resort to knee-jerk violence instead of ever even trying resolve their problems by any other means.

Publicity bought at the cost of human lives is going to turn into a heavy burden for these people. They really need to grow up and at least attempt to act like adults. You got a problem with me? Give me a call. I'm in the book. E-mail me. Whatever. Just let's reason together and solve your problem instead of just throwing shit all over the place and peeing on ourselves. OK? Be a real man. Talk to me.

Don't try to bully me, though. Don't try to intimidate me. You'll quickly find out that my roots sink deep into the bedrock. Push me, and I'll push back. You want to fight, bring it. You want somebody to cower and give you everything you want, go someplace else. Seems like you would have gotten that clue by now.

I am not normally an advocate of violence, but there are people in this world who are incapable of reason, animals who growl and snap and strut around thinking they're better than everybody else because they can hide in the shadows and kill people randomly for no reason. If violence is the only language they're capable of speaking, let's "negotiate" with them in their native tongue.

There is no excuse for terrorism. Ever.


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