Friday, July 08, 2005

Will They Never Learn?

Got this link from Holly. Definitely worth a read.

The Blitz, Pearl Harbor, Buzz-bombs and V-2's, 9/11, now London. What do these event have in common? The use of violence to try to convince either the US or Great Britain to surrender. How'd that work out, guys? Not too good, I'd say.

Here's a little common sense for terrorists: Brits and Americans don't give in to bullies. Take a look at the history of terrorism since it went big-time in the 1970's. How many terrorist groups have ever accomplished their political goals? How many terrorists are in prison? How many are dead? When Osama bin Laden was planning the 9/11 attacks, did he really anticipate living the rest of his life huddled miserably in a cave in the mountains? Do you think he worries about which of his trusted lieutenants will be the one to sell him out for the cash? You do the math for yourselves, it's obvious as Hell to me.

Red, white and blue are colors that don't run. Make it easy on yourselves. Hold still where we can see you. We'll make it quick. Or, you can run. You can hide. Go ahead. We'll find you.

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