Monday, July 25, 2005

WIP Snip

Do you have a story that haunts you, awake and asleep, that taunts, teases, compels you? "Grace for the Sinner" is one of those stories. I first attempted to write this story some 10 years ago. Since then, I have tried time after time after time, only to give up, knowing I did not have the skill to do Grace justice. Still she pleads with me, begs me to tell her story, to not let her be forgotten.

This story is like a lump of clay on the potter's wheel. Slowly, carefully, I shape it, trying to draw out the beauty and meaning into words, to shape the words into a story that carries the depth of feeling I have for Grace. Every time, as I get closer to the end, it slumps back into an amorphous heap of muck. Yet I must try again.

Maybe this time. Maybe this time, I will be touched by Grace and allowed to tase glory.

Herewith, a peek into the soul of Grace.


Grace for the Sinner
By Carter Nipper

Grace came home in the springtime, when dogwoods declared the glory of Christ Resurrected, spreading white-robed arms over the azaleas that covered the Earth in blood and fire. The air was heavy with the scents of honeysuckle and wisteria and the old houses stood haughty and aloof, dozing in the warmth as they dreamed their gray and dusty dreams of glories past and the giants that had walked the Earth in days of old.

Home, she thought. Ross Landing, where the past is now.

She caught a brief reflection in the car's window, tired green eyes rimmed with fire, weary blonde hair with a touch of flame, strawberry blonde, some call it, though there were no strawberries here any more, no sunshine, no summer, only ashes and fading embers. Her skin was bleached with fatigue, leached of life and color, and her freckles blazed in contrast.

What a mess, she thought. First thing I'm going to do is get some sun, but she knew that, as surely as she relaxed in the healing rays, she would rise later in flames, the price of her ancient Celtic heritage.


The airport was a nightmare col

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