Saturday, July 30, 2005

Word of the Day

Dogma, guest posting on tamboblog, talks about serendipitous slips of the fingers that result in intriguingly useful word coinage. In this case, she came up with the word "fibure", meaning to lie so convincingly that it appears to be the truth.

My entry into this category come from my work many years ago as a computer consultant. This was in the pre-Windows days, when dinosaurs still roamed the earth and computers were mostly run by waterwheels. My boss, attempting to format a diskette, mistyped the command. This is how the word "fumquat" entered the language.

fumquat adj : [Arabic : fumqat, the wrath of Allah] To be so badly screwed up as to be completely hopeless. FUBAR to the tenth power. Unrecoverable at any price, esp. due to user error. "He formatted the C drive. Now he's fumquat."

fumquat v : To mess something up so badly that it cannot be repaired, esp. through ineptitude. "He's so dumb, he can fumquat anything."

What's the best typo you ever made?

Hey, is this a meme?


At 12:22 PM, Blogger Jean said...

I can't remember the best typo I ever made. I can verify, however, that this dinosaur is alive and well. Doing maintenance on the water wheel now.


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