Saturday, August 06, 2005

My Soul Cries Out

On Wednesday, Stationery Queen posted a list of things she would do if she were not afraid. I started out thinking about my own list, but my mind got hung up on one item. SQ's list includes "* Ride in an airplane and travel to Spain". It's the traveling to somewhere part that has possessed me.

I have been fascinated with Scotland my entire life. I collect books of photographs and read anything I can get my hands on. I have a vision:

Grey rocks veined with white under my feet, wet and black below where the waves
batter against them. The battleship-grey sea, itself veined with whitecaps and foam, stretches to eternity under low overcast that slowly bends down toward it, their kiss hidden behind the mist and fog that rise from the edge of the world. Beyond the hidden horizon lie dreams and legends: the eternal icy wastes of the Frost Giants, Heimdall guarding the Rainbow Bridge, golden Asgard rising stern above the world.

Off to my right, a stony headland stands proudly against the waves, wind, and spray. A dark stone cstle hulks silently, ignoring the world outside as it regards its own ghostly memories. If not for the sea-noise, I would hear the bagpipes drone and skirl, calling the clan to arms, telling tales of red-haired beauties and black treachery, strong men of courage and honor stone-hard and steel-sharp. It's music that rises from the very heart of this land and lives forever in the air and sea.

The wind bites my face, exploratory nips that bring a blush to my cheeks and nose. I snuggle closer into my thick cardigan. This is home.

If I ever get there, no way in Hell will I ever come back here. My heart may live in Georgia, but me soul belongs to Scotland.


At 10:07 AM, Blogger Joy said...

First, I think Scotland is just neat. Would love to visit someday.

Second, that description just gave me chills! Now I really want to go there! *grin* Beautiful imagery.

At 3:28 PM, Blogger Stationery Queen said...

Nicely done.

And thanks for the "shout out" as the kids say. :-)

At 9:46 PM, Blogger Heather Lynne said...

Once again, you show your prowess. With words. ;)

At 10:53 PM, Blogger Michelle Miles said...

Ah... bonnie Scotland. Home of my ancestors... I dinna ken when I'll get there, but 'twill be someday.

Lovely imagry, by the way.

At 9:14 AM, Blogger Demented M said...


You MUST got to Scotland asap. I've been, it was...indescribable. I loved it.

The land is wild and free and you can feel the source of myth in the air--almost like you can smell it. It's so palpable, you understand why the Harry Potters of the world get their start in this land (I would say some other author, but I'm drawing a blank at the moment, but when you stand on the moors or cliffs of Scotland, you begin to understand the genesis of the art it has inspired).

It's also not as expensive as say a trip to London. B&Bs can be found for L40 and L35 which include breakfast. If you plan, it can be quite affordable--try to fly into Edinburgh direct.

Food and transport are the biggest expense. The food is not so great I'm sorry to say, so don't bother with restaurants, they usually aren't worth the money. We bought a lot of stuff at local grocery stores or indian samosas for 85P at the tube stops which were lovely.

I was perfectly willing to believe the bad food thing was just a bad stereotype, but based on my experience, I would not hesitate to tell someone to pack a few granola bars.

Anyway, Edinburgh's Castle is awesome, probably the best castle tour we had.

Inverness is beautiful--rent a car and go driving in the Highlands. Just be sure to buy a good road atlas before you go. Driving isn't bad, just have your passenger keep chanting 'left' whenever you want to make a turn. Most of the roads out that way are one lane, so no worries about which side you should be on.

Inverness is a small town, there's a mall in it's center with a food court like in the US wtih decently priced food.

The islands--Syke, Raasay (where my ancestors are from) are full of forgotten places, hidden time capsules with pict stones, and water free falling down mountains in white streams with clouds resting on their summits. Beautiful. Dunvegan castle on Skye is worth a stop--the second best castle tour of our trip and the home of my clan. Try not to think poorly of me when you see where my ancestors kept prisoners.

Don't wait, go. It will be worth every penny and will feed your soul a feast beyond measure.


At 4:29 PM, Blogger Carter said...

Thanks all for the comments. We should start a club for the Scots-at-heart. There seem to be a lot of us around.

Michelle, the travel tips will be invaluable. Thanks for sharing them. Scotland is definitely Number One on my list of "Places To Go and Things To See". Unfortunately, with the current state of our finances, we might as well plan a triup to the Moon. One day, though...

Maybe when I sell my novel for a 5-figure advance. Heh, heh. Pay no attention to the maniacal laughter in the background.

Alright, already! Enough! I get the message!


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