Monday, October 03, 2005

Private Demon

Private Demon by Lynn Viehl. Signet Eclipse, October, 2005, 296 pages.

Thierry Durand is 700 years old. He is a vampire, one of the Darkyn. He is also insane. When Thierry escapes from New Orleans and comes to Chicago to seek revenge on the Brotherhood, a group of renegade priests sworn to destroy the Darkyn, he threatens the security of the Darkyn and is placed under a sentence of death. That is only the beginning, though. Thierrys story is one of love and betrayal, blood and death, deception and mystery. It encompasses the Darkyn, the Brotherhood, street gangs, and a 6,000 year old mystery.

Private Demon continues the story begun in If Angels Burn, the first Darkyn novel and proves itself a worthy successor. Michael Cyprien and Dr. Alexandra Keller are back, continuing, and trying to come to terms with, their torrid love affair even as they try to locate Thierry in time to save his life.

At its heart, Private Demon is a story of love: the love between a man and a woman, the love between a father and his son, the love between old friends and comrades. Love has a dark side, however. Deception and betrayal run rampant through the pages of the story. Subplots twist and intertwine. Things are not always what they seem. Out of this morass rise a legendary hero and a betrayal that strikes at the very heart of the Darkyn.

In the hands of a lesser talent, Private Demon would be so complicated that the reader would need a map to keep it straight. Lynn Viehl is able to deliver a complicated story in a plain, uncomplicated style that keeps the story moving and the reader guessing right up until the end. She weaves a taut story of human passions and human weakness against a background of ancient mysteries and larger-than-life legends.

Private Demon expands the Darkyn saga and promises a rich, exciting future for this series. The third volume in the series, Darkness Has No Need, is due out in 2006.

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At 3:34 PM, Blogger fin said...

sounds like my kind of guy

At 9:32 AM, Blogger S. W. Vaughn said...

Fascinating! Thanks for the review. I almost bought this book the other day -- picked it up at the grocery store and read a bit, but I didn't have the funds at the moment. Now I'll have to go back and grab it...



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