Thursday, October 20, 2005

Rant - Health Care and Insurance

So apparently some nameless, faceless dickweed at the insurance company knows more about my health care needs than my doctors. This in spite of the fact that he/she/it has never examined me or even seen my chart. I guess my doctors are just all incompetent assholes. From now on, I'll just call the insurance company about my diagnostics and treatments. Must be some powerful crystal ball they're using.

Health care is not about dollars and cents. It's about getting the proper diagnosis and treatment at the proper time. Pencil-pushers have no place in this process. Medical professionals only please. "Managed health care" is bullshit. Get your goddamned nose out of my business! Hold down costs by cutting useless jobs and stupid people, not by interfering with my health care needs.

This rant brought to you by:

My Insurance Company's Refusal To Pay For The Standard Diagnostic Test (CT Scan) For My Preliminary Diagnosis In Favor Of The Deprecated Ultrasound;

Lack Of Coffee, Food, and Medication Until After 10am This Morning; AND

An Urgent Need To Locate A Certain Fuckwad And Kick His/Her/It's Ass So Hard He/She/It Will Have To Wipe His/Her/It's Nose Every Time He/She/It Shits.

Have a nice day.


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