Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch...

**Oil companies made a killing off of Katrina and Rita. True colors showing through here. Profit at any price, even human lives. You know, it would take only a small percentage of those profits to completely rebuild the Gulf Coast.

**A deal to renew the USAPATRIOT Act and make it permanent may be in the works. The deal includes some important limitations on the use of "national security letters", which allow the FBI to obtain "administrative subpoenas" for phone, financial, Internet Service Provider, and library records without showing probable cause or informing the person under suspicion that these records are being subpoenaed. This provision has been my biggest problem with this act all along, since it is a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment prohibiting search and seizure without due process of law. No one is bove the law, not even the FBI.

**Chronic kidney disease is much more likely to develop in overweight and obese people with high blood pressure (hypertension) than in those of ideal body weight, according to the results of a large study. Well, duh! We paid good money to find this out. Jeez.

3 strikes, I'm outa here!


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