Monday, November 14, 2005

Snip: That Others May Live

One of my current nightmares:

Jenna clutched the folded flag to her chest and nodded mutely as the Sergeant of the Honor Guard expressed his and the Marine Corps' condolences. By most definitions, Brad certainly deserved an Honor Guard. His sacrifice had saved the rest of his squad from certain death, and his actions certainly earned him honor. The ceremony to award his Congressional Medal of Honor was scheduled for next week.

Jenna wondered if there was any honor in what she planned. Was there honor in breaking a vow made to her dying mother? Was there honor in the sacrifice she was considering, no matter how many lives would be spared? She wondered what honor there was in the death of a 22-year-old father of two small children, a sacrifice to a dark and bloody god in a far-away land for a purpose she really did not understand. Jenna bowed her head and whispered "No."

Rita, Jenna's half-sister, turned and embraced her. Her tears dripped onto Jenna's shoulder. Jenna had no more tears, just as she had no more hope, just as she had no more honor. Rita did not know, would never understand. She was of a different world. Jenna put an arm around her father's other daughter and gave what cold comfort she could.


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