Monday, December 19, 2005

Ketchup Day

Sorry, sometimes I fall prey to my childish infatuation with really, really bad puns.

I have fallen behind in my responses to comments, so I'm going to cheat and put them in a post. And you can't stop me! Nyaah!

In response to My New Retirement Fund:

Heather: Just invest yours and let the miracle of compound interest work for you. Yah, right.

Hi jae! Here's a link to you. Maybe that'll be worth 2 cents.

In response to Update and a Quick Christmas Rant:

Melly, thanks for the thoughts. All are welcome. Hugs, too. Home is the best place she can be from here on.

Hi Linda. Prayers and hugs gratefully accepted. Professional singers know when to quit. Screeching wannabes don't. That makes all the difference in the world. Real singers recognize and emphasize the natural beauty in the songs they sing. Just like with makeup, it's more effective if you don't notice it.

Heather, as always, your thoughts mean a lot to me. Thank you.

Piro, your comments are right on the money. Unfortunately, compassion for myself is not something I do well at all. Thanks for the hugs and prayers.

In response to Raise the Stakes:

Jean, if it's not hard on him, where's the fun? When you deal with vampires, both stakes and steaks take on whole new dimensions. Hee hee.

Ronn, I think a lot of writers miss some real depth of character by ducking out on the "reality" of vampires. He's a monster. He may be good at heart, but he has hard realities he has to cope with. It's in the coping that we learn about him and learn to care about him. Without the need for blood, he's just another night-owl. Big deal. Thanks.

Heather, I'm taking Maass's advice to heart. Crank it up. Tension keeps the reader involved, so the more the better. I think that if a reader has to put a book down for a little while to let the tension ease off, that's a good thing. The snowflake thing is cool. Thanks for sharing that with us. My connection kept failing, too. It keeps bitching about firewalls. Well, tough. My firewall ain't coming down. Get over it. :-)

And now for the news:

The synopsis continues to roll along. I am now right on 1000 words. Unfortunately, the story's not done yet. Eeek. Revision time's a-coming. This synopsis thing ain't as easy as it looks.

John is now also wanted for kidnapping his granddaughter (he didn't do it, tHomas set him up again). Michael, his only potential ally is in jail as an accessory. The climax looms. I know how this ends, and I'm itching to write that scene. It's not a candy-bar scene, it's a two-pound bar of Hershey's Special Dark chocolate with almonds. That's the carrot that keeps me moving forward, albeit slowly.

Also got "A Time to Every Purpose" polished up until it gleams. I hope. I'm sending it to the Writers of the Future Contest in the next couple of days. Nervous as a kitten about it.


At 10:45 PM, Blogger Melly said...

The synopsis is for Miss Snark, right? Isn't it supposed to be about a 1000 words?
I still think you're very brave to do this :)

At 9:14 AM, Blogger Carter said...

Yeah, it's for the Crap-o-meter. I'm going to try to fill it so full of crap it chokes. Getting it to 1K words is going to be tough. Snip, snip.

I don't think it will be that bad. I know Miss Snark is awfully tough up front, and she doesn't do dark fantasy, so I expect a not-so-good response. As long as she keeps it away from Killer Yapp, I'll be OK, I think. Asbestos underwear is ready.


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